2021-22 Team: U13 A

Coaching History: 4 years with VFIHA (U11 and U13 A), 1 year with Richmond Ravens Female Hockey Association (U13 C)

What was your coaching pathway?
To be honest, I don’t remember coaching ever being presented as an option. There were some opportunities to help out, but none of my teammates or older girls I knew had gone on to coach. Emily (Froese) and I had been joking around with another teammate about someday coaching, and after we graduated, we decided to do it!

Who is a coach you had in minor hockey who inspired you?
I was lucky to have had really great coaches throughout, and even quite a few female coaches, which wasn’t super common, even though it wasn’t that long ago! But Jenny Mahovlich and Claire Wong were my coaches in U13 A, and Emily and I still talk about how we hope we’re leaving as much of an impression on our girls as they did on us!

What is your coaching philosophy?
I really do believe that the ultimate goal in anything should be to have fun. But I also think that people have the most fun when they compete, work hard, and improve themselves. I believe everyone has room for improvement, and every year, Emily and I re-evaluate what we could have done better so that the kids can get the most out of hockey and learn skills and lessons that will help them in everyday life as well.

Why do you think it’s important for girls to have female role models in sport?
Having female role models not only means having someone to look up to, but it also successfully shows girls what options they have. It provides a supportive network of people that girls can go to for guidance and mentorship. I hope I’ve made a lasting impression on every girl I’ve coached, and that if they ever need help, or just want to say hi, they’ll feel comfortable doing that.

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