Team Managers - please use the links below to access the tools you will need to perform your duties as a manager.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the VFIHA Director - Managers, at

  1. VFIHA Tournament Payment Request Form
  2. Team Jersey Log
  3. Team Tracking Sheet for Referee Fees and Team Budget
  4. Referee Fees 2022-23
  5. Parent Meeting Example Agenda/Notes
  6. HiSport Help and Instructions
  7. Game Notes Scatchpad



The VFIHA President reserves the right to deny permission for a team to enter a tournament.  This may be based on previous history with a specific tournament, or association.

In most cases, permission is granted without issue.  If you have any questions about this, please get in touch with the VFIHA Director - Managers.


Emergency Rostering of Team Officials

If your team finds itself needing team officials in an emergency situation:

  • HCSPs & Team Managers can be behind the bench during games, though they should not be coaching players
  • HCSPs can be shared between teams at a game - if your team does not have a HCSP present, you can borrow the opposing team's HCSP.  Speak to them before the game begins so they know they are required
  • Phone your PCAHA League Manager - they will have the ability to approve emergency roster requests
  • Do not place unrostered persons behind the bench during a game - this will result in suspensions, and PCAHA takes this quite seriously!


Affiliate Players

Every team manager should work to have a number of affiliate players & goalies available for future games

Players and goalies are able to affiliate to teams:

  • In their same Tier, if in Red Group, or U7/U9
  • Above their tier for all other groups (recreational and competitive) (ex/ Red to Blue)
  • Above their own age group (ex/ U13 to U15)
  • Rep team players can only affiliate to other rep teams in higher tiers and older age groups (ex/ U13 A2 to U13 A1, or U15 A1 to U18 A1)
  • House players can only affiliate to one rep team at a time

You must approach the affiliate player, parents, and affiliate team coach, and all must give their permission before a request to roster an affiliate will be approved

Once approved, the affiliate request must be sent to the VFIHA Registrar (, and the player will be rostered onto the new team as an affiliate

Affiliate players are welcome to join practices and games, as long as they do not interfere with their own team's events.  They must treat their own team events as primary.


Emergency Goalie Affiliation

If you find yourself without a goalie before a game, you may be able to roster an emergency goalie.

You must phone your PCAHA League Manager to make this happen - do this as soon as possible
If you play a goalie that is not rostered and your PCAHA League Manager doesn't know about it, your team will forfeit the game