Team Managers - please use the links below to access the tools you will need to perform your duties as a manager.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the VFIHA Director - Managers, at

  1. VFIHA Tournament Payment Request Form
  2. Team Jersey Log
  3. Team Tracking Sheet for Referee Fees and Team Budget
  4. Referee Fees 2023-24
  5. Parent Meeting Example Agenda/Notes
  6. HiSport Help and Instructions
  7. Game Notes Scatchpad
  8. VFIHA Brand Guidelines



The VFIHA President reserves the right to deny permission for a team to enter a tournament.  This may be based on previous history with a specific tournament, or association.

In most cases, permission is granted without issue.  If you have any questions about this, please get in touch with the VFIHA Director - Managers.


Emergency Rostering of Team Officials

If your team finds itself needing team officials in an emergency situation:

  • HCSPs & Team Managers can be behind the bench during games, though they should not be coaching players
  • HCSPs can be shared between teams at a game - if your team does not have a HCSP present, you can borrow the opposing team's HCSP.  Speak to them before the game begins so they know they are required
  • Phone your PCAHA League Manager - they will have the ability to approve emergency roster requests
  • Do not place unrostered persons behind the bench during a game - this will result in suspensions, and PCAHA takes this quite seriously!


Emergency Goalie Affiliation

If you find yourself without a goalie before a game, you may be able to roster an emergency goalie.

You must phone your PCAHA League Manager to make this happen - do this as soon as possible
If you play a goalie that is not rostered and your PCAHA League Manager doesn't know about it, your team will forfeit the game