Spring 4x4 League in 2022

We are committed to running this league again in 2022!

Stay tuned to this page for more announcements in January 2022




Note: If you see a message stating 'No Fees Available' when trying to pay, it means you're trying to register using an incorrect age group

Your Age Group is the Group you played with during the 2021-2022 Season

  • Dates: April through June
  • Where: Scotia Barn Burnaby (others if ice becomes available)
  • Cost: TBD (Jersey included, Goalies are 50% off)
  • Who: Open to all Vancouver Female Players, and Female Players from other Minor Hockey Associations, Ringette, Figure Skating ( Non-BC Hockey members are subject to a $50 registration/insurance fee)
  • Age Groups: U7/U9, U11, U13, U15, U18 (U21 can join U18)
  • Spares: Pay for 2 Games up front (U7/U9: $TBD, U11, U13, U15, U18: $TBD) - We'll contact you with any available spots to play
  • Refunds requested prior to April 30 will be subject to $25 admin fee and no refunds will be issued after May 1



1 hour ice times
Female Players only
Teams consist of 8/9 players plus a goalie
Some teams have full-time goalies, while others may have a rotating goalie.
U7/U9 games are cross-ice (2 games at once)
No scores will be kept in U7/U9 games
U11 through U18 games are full ice
4 teams at each level (will expand if demand warrants)
Games will consist of 5 minute warmup, running time for 2 20 minute periods, 2 minute break between periods, with a shootout at the end of every game
Running time will be used, with a 2 minute buzzer for line changes
When the buzzer sounds, the puck should be left where it is, and players change lines
Parent volunteer can run the clock/scoreboard
Shoot out at the end - each player on either team gets one shootout attempt, score is added to the final score
Shoot out goals are not counted towards 3 goal limit per player per game

Shoot out is held on the same end of the end for both teams - closest to the dressing rooms

Teams/Goalies alternate shots until everyone has taken their shot

One referee will be included for each U7/U9 game, Two referees for each U11, U13, U15, U18 game
Any penalties called result in a penalty shot from centre ice
If a player receives 3 penalties in one game, or a referee calls a major penalty or double minor (intentional head contact, spearing, butt ending), the player is removed from the rest of the current game, and miss the next game
Offsides result in a whistle, the puck being given to the opposing team, and that team must retreat beyond centre ice. Play doesn't stop
When a goal is scored, the puck is given to the team scored on, and the opposing team must retreat beyond the closest blue line. Referee whistle will resume play
When the puck is covered, the opposing team must retreat beyond the closest blue line. Play is not stopped nor is a faceoff called.
No player can score more than 3 goals, and if they score more than 3, the opposing team receives a penalty shot
Players missing a game must arrange for a spare to play (contact spring4on4@vfiha.com to arrange)
U7/U9 teams are allowed two parents behind the bench (must be certified volunteers), or two U15/U18 players
U11/U13 teams are allowed two parents behind the bench (must be certified volunteers), or two U15/U18 players
U15/U18 teams do not have coaches, and no players are allowed to act as coaches behind the bench
Parents behind the bench are not acting as coaches, but to simply help with the doors, and should be overly encouraging the players.
These are fun games, and are meant to have parent/coaches act as fun games
Parent Duties - Scorekeeper, Timekeeper, Safety Person, Bench Door Opener
Scorekeeper - No score will be posted for U7/U9, keep track of goal scorers to enforce 3 goal limit during game, penalties must be tracked (including number and infraction)
Timekeeper - 2 Minute Buzzer for line changes for U7/U9 (other age groups can change on the fly), running time used for periods. Stop clock for penalty, start again once penalty shot has been taken.
Safety Person - Be available for any injuries that happen on the ice. This person does not need to be behind the bench.
Bench Door Opener - If you are on the bench, note we are not having coaches explicitly. Help players onto/off the ice. Be extremely positive in any comments to players or other staff! Maximum of 2 Parents behind the bench