Hockey Canada provides multiple Player Pathway streams for players to participate in during their minor hockey career


First, a few definitions:

  • Hockey Canada - Oversees all hockey operations for national programs, plus provides hockey framework for minor hockey
  • BC Hockey - Oversees hockey operations for BC, primarily focused on inter-district (region) operations
  • PCAHA (Pacific Coast AHA) - Oversees hockey operations for the Metro Vancouver region (male & female)
  • Vancouver Female Hockey Association - Oversees hockey operations for the City of Vancouver Female program

Within this structure, players can participate in hockey with their local association (that's us!), and decide which pathway they would like to take - Recreational or Competitive

Once a player has completed the U7/U9 program, they move on to the U11 program, where players can choose which stream they would like to participate in.  Teams are formed in each age group based on player preference.

It is important to note, that players can choose to move to another pathway at the beginning of each hockey season.  This means a player who has chosen the U13 Recreational pathway in one season, can choose the competitive pathway at the beginning of the next season, and vice versa.


Recreational Program

The recreational program is aimed at players who want to play for fun with friends.  This is the largest group of players within Vancouver Female, and offers a great skill development program, while taking advantage of an amazing team sport.

We'll support you all the way through U21, and ensure you have a great time while developing your skills.


U13 & U15 Competitive Program

Players who take part in the Competitive pathway have further optional hockey development options in U13 & U15 - they may choose to take part in.  These programs are hosted outside of our association, but are fully integrated into our Competitive pathway:

  • PCAHA District Development program
  • Team BC prep program

These are optional and have an extra cost involved, but are great options to further your competitive hockey career.

Note: these programs are hosted throughout the hockey season, and are specifically designed to allow players to stay with Vancouver Female while taking part.


U18 Competitive Program

Players in the U18 program may choose to join either of these full time teams:

  • Vancouver Female U18 Competitive Team
  • BC Hockey Female AAA U18 Team

Note: these are full time teams, and a player must choose to participate with one or the other and not both

Both options allow a player to take part in the optional Team BC U18 program, held throughout the hockey season


Adult Competitive Program

Once a player has completed the U18 hockey program, they can choose to join any of these full time teams:

  • U21 Recreational
  • USports (Canada University)
  • USA College Hockey
  • South Coast Female Hockey League (BC Hockey)

The USports, USA College, and South Coast Female hockey options are all great programs which offer access to the Canadian National team program, based on performance