Ola "Izzy" Bailey Legacy Grant Program

Ola “Izzy” Bailey was a Vancouver Angels goalie and absolutely loved playing hockey. She could play out as a skater, but truly excelled in net.  She often was named MVP in hockey tournaments.

Izzy’s first three years were difficult as she spent these in an orphanage.  She became a much loved member of the Bailey family at the age of three. When she was five years old, she announced to her parents that she wanted to play “girl hockey”. Her first piece of equipment was a hockey helmet which she insisted on sleeping in for a few nights. Due to her earliest years, Ola had to deal with learning and life challenges. Her elementary school years were wonderful and hockey was a positive force in her life. However, Ola’s high school years proved to be a difficult time for her. Dealing with mental health struggles while navigating being a teenager was a tough road. Ultimately this and her other challenges greatly contributed to her untimely death in 2015, at the age of 21.

Hockey and the Vancouver Angels organization were a positive influence on Izzy, and the Angels organization really tried to support Izzy through some difficult times. Her parents would like to honour and support that legacy with a grant program in Izzy’s name.

Together, Izzy’s parents and the Vancouver Female Ice Hockey Association are offering a yearly grant aimed at two prospective young players who have a financial need to start or keep playing hockey. Each grant is worth $500.

How to Apply

To apply for this grant, please send the following information (held in confidence) to: info@vfiha.com

  • Parent Name
  • Player Name
  • Birth Year
  • New Player? Y/N
  • Financial Information (to demonstrate need)
  • Short statement on what the funds would be used for (equipment, registration fees, etc.)

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