If your business would like to help promote or sponsor female hockey in Vancouver, we'd love to help make that happen.

Get in touch with our Fundraising Coordinator (fundraising@vancouvergirlshockey.com), and we can work out a way for your business to help grow female hockey in Vancouver!


We're always looking for creative ways to help our players and teams with the cost of playing hockey.

Our association has the lowest fees to play hockey within the City of Vancouver, and we'd like to keep it that way.

We help players and teams by:

  • Full set equipment loans to younger new players
  • Executive support to help raise team funds for extra ice, development, and tournaments


Previous Sponsorship Opportunities have included:

  • Team donut/chocolate sales
  • Posters around town promoting Vancouver Female events (sponsored by you!)
  • Team sponsorship posters behind the bench at home games
  • T-shirts with team/association name and sponsor logos
  • Others?  We're willing to be creative and work with you


Get in touch with us today, and we'd love to work with you no matter what the size of donation!