For Vancouver Home Games and Practices

(Updated October 30, 2021)

We as the user group are now responsible for verifying the vaccine status of all participants at each Parks Board ice facility.

– Players themselves are currently exempt from requiring a vaccine passport.

We do NOT have to check anyone not involved with our hockey activities: community centres are deemed essential services for washrooms, so people are free to come in and use those facilities without showing a passport.

We DO have to check the vaccination passport for all team volunteers, spectators 12 and up, and, for home games, adult referees and the visiting team’s volunteers and spectators. There is no longer a limit on participants/spectators.
– All participants listed above — home team officials, visiting team officials, all spectators 12 and up, and adult refs — must now have BOTH doses, and the passport will indicate that.

Each team should designate someone to do the verification at the door. We are NOT required to record or otherwise store anyone’s status (in fact have been directed not to), nor report back to anyone (the single exception at the moment is Burnaby Winter Club, which requires users to keep a list for each ice time, if you have practice or home game time there). If the team HCSP can’t make an event, the manager or other volunteer can do the verification, you only need the BC Vaccine Verification app on your phone. Please communicate with your individual teams so they know who to check in with. Please ensure an alternate is clearly indicated, if the person normally tasked with this will not be present at a given practice or game.

– If you arrive at the rink before someone at the door is able to check you in, please wait! Whoever is doing the verification should be present 30 minutes before the ice time.

– Latecomers must check in with the team HCSP to show their passport so they’ve been accounted for.

Masks are still required for everyone 5+ inside public spaces.

Away Games

For away games, it will be the host team’s responsibility to confirm the status of everyone coming in the rink. Again, no record keeping is required, unlike the team Health Check from last season.