Volunteer Policy

Our Association also has a volunteer deposit of $150, which will be collected by the Team Manager.  

In order to earn your volunteer credit, each family must volunteer six hours at an Association-level event.


Please note: The Volunteer deposit is aimed at Association-level events only.  This means volunteering for a Team-level position is not eligible for the volunteer credit, with the following exceptions:


Team-level roles that are recognized against the volunteer deposit are:

  • Head Coach
  • Assistant Coaches (2)
  • Team Manager
  • Safety Person (2 - Primary & Backup)
  • Team Change Room Supervisor

These are recognized full-time volunteer intensive roles

The Head Coach of a team with more than 2 Assistant Coaches, will provide the Registrar with the names of the 2 Assistant Coaches who will be recognized for volunteer credit.  The 2 identified Assistant Coaches cannot change during the current season.


Prior year’s examples of Association-level Events include:

  • Come Try Hockey Events
  • Posters around Town
  • Executive Board Positions & Committees
  • Social Events
  • Hosted Tournaments
  • Special Skills (you tell us!)


We’re always looking for help in any number of tasks, and there’s no experience necessary!  Contact us at: volunteers@vfiha.com to tell us how you can help.

Don’t wait until the end of the year to volunteer, as you may miss out!



Criminal Record Checks

All coaching staff, coaching volunteers and team managers are required by The British Columbia Amateur Hockey Association (“BC Hockey”) to carry out criminal record checks (“CRC”).

CRC’s are also a part of a prudent and consistent approach to ensuring the safety of our current employees, volunteers, and players from those individuals with a history of workplace violence or other serious offences.

To initiate your criminal record check email safety@vfiha.com.


Respect in Sport

Vancouver Female Ice Hockey coaches and coaching volunteers conform to BC Hockey’s SpeakOut! Program. BC Hockey is part of a National initiative to implement the Respect in Sport educational tool. Certification through Respect in Sport (RiS) is the equivalent to certification received from the SpeakOut! Course.

RiS is an on-line training course for coaches and sport leaders. It is designed as a tool to assist coaches in identifying and dealing with abuse, neglect, harassment and bullying in sport. The on-line course curriculum is broken into six, 30 minute modules to complete and includes audio/visual presentations, quizzes and printable handouts.

The course takes an estimated 2.5 hours with the delegate’s HCR SpeakOut! accreditation updated immediately upon completion.

  • The course is accessible over the internet therefore the delegates dictate when and where they take the course.
  • Delegates can access the Respect in Sport on-line course at any time (by way of user name and password) therefore are able to complete one module at a time.
  • This is an introduction to the capabilities of training delegates with online tools and resources.The course contains many handouts which remain accessible after the course is complete. If a paper copy of any of the documents or the accreditation certificate is required it can be printed from the site.
  • Respect in Sport is not specific to any sport. However the learning principals within are common to anyone acting as a sport leader. The consensus is that many of our volunteers coach/assist in other sports.
For more information please download: Respect In Sport FAQ
To begin taking the Respect in Sport course click here: https://bch.respectgroupinc.com
Hockey Canada’s risk management information guide “Safety Requires Teamwork” provides a framework to understanding bullying, harassment and abuse for parents and guardians. http://www.pcaha.bc.ca/safety_requires_teamwork_e[1].pdf