• The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association and of the Directors.
  • The President is the chief executive officer of the Association and shall supervise the other officers in the execution of their duties.
  • Oversee the operations of VFIHA.
  • The President shall have the power to suspend any team, player, Regular Member, Parent Member, or team official, for improper or impolite conduct on or off the ice, abusive language to any of the officials or referees or for failure to comply with the Vancouver Female Minor Hockey Association Constitution, Bylaws, and Regulations pending review of the incident by the Discipline Committee.
  • Attend and participate in PCAHA meetings, Killarney Community Centre Society Board Meetings, BC Hockey AGM


  • The Vice President shall carry out the duties of the President during their absence and perform such other duties as may be delegated to them as needed
  • Help oversee the full association, and help with Director duties as needed


  • See that all filings required by the Society Act are made.
  • See that the correspondence of the Association is properly conducted.
  • Issue notices of meetings of the Association and Directors.
  • Keep minutes of all meeting of the Association and Directors.
  • Have custody of all the records and documents of the Association except those required to be kept by the Treasurer, the Registrar or those kept by the Association’s solicitors.
  • Have custody of the common seal of the Association, if any.


  • See to the keeping of the financial records, including books of account, necessary to comply with the Society Act.
  • See that financial statements are rendered to the Directors, Members, and other when required.
  • Be the chairman of any Finance Committee, which may be appointed to assist him with his duties.
  • See that insurance as approved by the Directors is provided for both individuals and the Association
  • Liaison between Killarney Community Centre Society bookkeepers and VFIHA Board


  • Responsible for overseeing member registration
  • Oversight of administration person duties with respect to registration
  • Liaison between PCAHA & VFIHA


  • Be a certified official.
  • Providing on and off ice training clinics for the VFIHA officials in cooperation with other local MHA’s.
  • Being alert to the physical, emotional and mental health safety of all officials.
  • Advising the VFIHA President and other board members of concerns regarding the health safety of both players and officials affected by coaching staff and players.
  • Assisting officials with game reports and  representing them regarding problems encountered during games.
  • Providing advice on rules and procedures.
  • Ensure that the assigning program is kept up-to-date with any new games or changes to games.
  • Advise the PCAHA of any changes to the officials ratings for refereeing and lining.
  • Overseeing assignment of officials to U7 to U13 games to ensure that as much as possible the assignments are evenly shared amongst the officials based on their skills and experience.  This task can be done by a dedicated Referee Assignor.
  • Overseeing assignment of officials to VFIHA tournaments.
  • Overseeing the shadowing and supervision of officials.
  • Creating cooperative communication between themselves and the other local Referee in Chiefs.
  • Reporting to the VFIHA board statistics on U7 to U13 home games officiated and where possible games officiated in other PCAHA assigning zones for each VHIHA official for the season.
  • Reporting to the VFIHA board statistics of penalties called at U7 to U13 games for the season.
  • Recruitment of new officials, including VFIHA and other associations’ players/goalies and adults.  The emphasis should be on minor hockey female officials, but not limited to it.
  • Encouraging officials to re-certify each season and to keep them informed of the certification clinics
  • The encouragement of officials to improve their skills and to challenge themselves, yet respect their personal preferences for games, and to ensure they are not placed in games potentially hazardous to their safety.
  • To interact as cooperatively as possible with the BC Hockey officiating officials, including attending meetings and seminars that impact officiating.
  • Encourage the VFIHA officials to participate in our own and other association’s tournaments and the Provincial Championships, and to actively promote our officials to these tournaments by providing skills and experience advise to the tournament Referee in Chief.
  • Communicate with the VFIHA coaches on new rule changes and concerns relating to officiating.
  • Communicate with team managers on the officials assigned to their U7 to U13 games.
  • Provide a report to each VFIHA board meeting and AGM.
  • Submit expense reports to the Treasurer and President for reimbursement of costs relating to clinics, shadowing, supervision and other expenses related to the administration of the officials.


  • Develop and present on-ice programs within the association
  • Perform public relations as required pertaining to the association and its coaches
  • Liase with Executive Board on behalf of the coaches in the association
  • In charge of selection of coaches for various divisions within the association
  • Present list for selection of coaches to Executive Committee for approval
  • Liase with B.C.A.H.A. District Coaching Coordinator regarding coaching clinics
  • Recommend coaches to Executive Committee for attendance at higher-level clinics
  • Meet with association coaches to discuss problems and solutions
  • Attend regular meetings of the Executive Committee
  • Perform evaluations on coaches during games and practices
  • Assist with evaluation of players for team selection
  • Establish team play guidelines
  • Coordinate meeting of coaches and players with local referee-in-chief or B.C.A.H.A. Referee Committee Member for better understanding of the rules of the game
  • Other duties as assigned by the local association
  • Manage and minimize the risk inherent in performing the day-to-day duties of a coach coordinator
  • Liaison between VFIHA Board and Coach Coordinators


  • Distribute, maintain, and collect the equipment owned by the Association.
  • Oversee the purchasing of all new equipment.
  • Liaison between VFIHA Board and Equipment Coordinator


  • Responsible for all communications with membership and outside community
  • Liaison between VFIHA Board and Fundraising & Event Coordinators


  • In general the function of the Director - Ice position, is to determine the ice requirements of the association each season in consultation with the VFIHA Board
  • VFIHA Ice Allocator is to acquire sufficient ice from the Vancouver Parks Board (or other agencies or sources) to provide the following:
  • Preseason, Development Ice, Rep Evaluation Ice, Game Ice, Practice Ice, Playoff Ice, Spring & Summer program Ice, and Tournament Ice
  • Once obtained they will prepare a schedule for the above noted ice requirements, communicate those times with PCAHA, division managers, and the coach coordinators as needed.  They will adjust the schedule (re-allocate) as necessary to resolve conflicts, communicate arena closures and update teams/coaches in respect of any scheduling changes.


  • Oversee, train, and support division managers before & during the regular hockey season
  • Liaison between PCAHA and VFIHA Board with respect to managers


  • Set direction and help develop hockey programming with a focus on player development
  • Liaison between the VFIHA board and its hockey development partners
  • Work with the Director - Ice and Director - Coaching to develop relevant programming


  • Assist with all rep team coordination (evaluation ice times, pinnies, external evaluators)
  • Communicate rep evaluation sessions, team selection, team officials once players selected
  • Liaison with Director - Coaching and U13/U15/U18 Coach Coordinators


  • Communicate with volunteers regarding credentials (Criminal Record Checks, Respect in Sport, Concussion Awareness, Hockey Canada Safety Program): confirm what returning individuals have, and what new volunteers will need
  • Add players and HCSP into ePACT, the association’s player medical information system, and assign group admins (head coaches and HCSP)
  • Ensure each team has at least one HCSP-credentialled volunteer rostered
  • Coordinate HCSP volunteers for additional clinics and one-off events
  • Record CRC clearance letters in the Hockey Canada Registry
  • Participate in the PCAHA Risk Managers group chat as necessary (Roxanne Reid, the PCAHA Risk Manager, sets up a WhatsApp group each season)
  • Attend the PCAHA Risk Manager seminar at the start of each season
  • Support VFIHA HCSPs throughout the season: supply Hockey Canada claim forms if necessary, coordinate special directives (COVID-related for the last couple of years)
  • Receive formal complaints from the VFIHA complaint form, and investigate accordingly, to determine what if any further actions are required
  • Verify reimbursements for credentialed, rostered volunteers




  • Under the direction of the Referee in Chief:
    • Assign officials to U7 to U13 home games and officials for all games at any VFIHA tournament.  Assignments should be based on the prime purpose of sharing the games evenly with all VGIHA officials, ensuring that their skills and experience are suitable for each game.
    • Assist in assigning shadows and supervisors to games.
    • Communicate with team managers on the officials assigned to their U7 to U13 games.
    • Work with other MHA association’s Referee in Chiefs and Referee Assignors to ensure shortfalls in our own officials’ availability are covered and that we broadcast to our own officials the needs of the other MHA’s.
    • Provide feedback on any difficulties in having games assigned.
    • Advise on their experiences with the officials.
    • Operate and maintain the Vancouver Female assignr zone such that game details are kept current and the details of officials in the zone are accurate.
    • Keep records of the games officials have been assigned to, including those from other associations for end of season reporting.
    • Ensure that the game sheet for every U11 and U13 game is kept for extracting penalties data for end of season reporting.


  • The administrator must follow all rules set out by Hockey Canada, BC Hockey and Pacific Coast Amateur Hockey association.  Each season Pacific Coasts compiles a manual which is distributed at the annual registrar seminar.  The seminar is usually held in early June at the Pacific Coast office. The manual has all the registration information as well as varies deadlines for the season.  All associations use the Hockey Canada Registry (HCR) for registration.
  • Registration for VFIHA typically opens March 1st for returning players and May 1st for new players.
  • The registrar works closely with the Ice & Coach Directors to determine the number of teams the association will be able to accommodate. In addition the registrar will work with the Director - Coaching as well as the Director - Risk & Safety to ensure all team officials’ requirements are met prior to the deadline.
  • The administrator handles all deposits in order to assist the Treasurer in allocating the funds accordingly.  The administrator also handles requests for registration, jersey deposit, and volunteer fee refunds once notified by the Director - Equipment
  • The administrator picks up the mail from Killarney Community Centre and distributes to the board members as required.
  • In September the administrator will work closely with the Director - Managers.  Once teams have been selected, the Divisional Manager will give the administrator a list of players and team officials.  The administrator will need to roster the teams in HCR prior to the first league game.
  • The administrator will email tax receipts and registration information for the upcoming season by the end of February.
  • Implement the screening process for new volunteers of the Association.
  • Hold in strict confidence of any elements of a personal or sensitive nature which may arise in a coaches’ and/or volunteers’ screening process.
  • Notify the Membership through the Executive Committee and Division Managers of safety issues and recommendations, and promote Risk Management within the Association.
  • Become knowledgeable in the C.H.A and B.C.A.H.A. Risk Management programs and procedures.


  • Help setup a specific age group (U7, for example), including initial ice times, coach and team officials (HCSP, Team Moms, Managers)
  • Ensure each age group has resources to start the season
  • Communication amongst age group parents/players, to ensure members are informed
  • Liaison with Director - Managers


  • Help setup a specific age group (U9, for example), including determining head & assistant coaches, determining number of teams, and identifying any required coaching clinics needed
  • Liaison with Director - Coaching for any resources necessary to support coaches


  • Exclusively work with association goalies that need equipment
  • Help ensure association owned equipment is in suitable working order
  • Distribute/Collect equipment as needed
  • Recommend purchases by the association, to the Director - Equipment
  • Liaison with Director - Player Development


  • With the Director - Equipment, determine hockey season equipment needs
  • Organize the lockers at Killarney Community Centre
  • Help distribute, maintain, and collect team and player equipment (jerseys, puck bags, safety kits)


  • Help organize and run Come Try Hockey, Photo Day, World Girls Hockey Weekend, and any other relevant programs throughout the year
  • May pull in multiple volunteers to help organize and run these events
  • Determine resources necessary, and communicate with Director - Community Engagement


  • Identify and maintain existing fundraising programs, with excellent communication skills
  • Develop new fundraising opportunities for individual teams or groups, and the VFIHA organization itself
  • Prepare documentation for distribution to potential donors
  • Liaison with Director - Community Engagement