Vancouver Female Ice Hockey Association
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Check out our Parents/Players Handbook, which contains many of the answers to your questions:

Vancouver Female Parents/Players Handbook

What other fees do players pay?

Fees cover all team registration costs, non-refundable amateur hockey insurance fees (Mutual Aid), ice time/arena fees and referee fees. Jerseys are provided, with a required deposit of $170, and must be returned at the end of the season. Hockey socks in team colours are required, and may be purchased from the association.

What about Rep team fees?

A $75 tryout fee (non-refundable) is payable with registration. Successful players must abide by the VFIHA Rep (Tier 1) policy and will be required to pay additional fees for player development and coaching (due after Tryouts) plus possible extra fees for additional practices, and player development. The Rep tryout process and policy will be distributed to all registered players.

All players registered on Rep teams will have a mandatory $315 (approx) Dryland Training fee, as all Rep teams have weekly dryland training sessions at UBC.

What about Team Goalies?

Goalies supplying their own equipment are only required to pay 50% of the fees for their division, except for Juvenile, where all players pay a PCAHA-determined fee.

Do new players need to be experienced?

Prior hockey experience is not required at any level. New players are encouraged to join the association and participate at a recreational or rep level of play.

As a new parent to hockey, what can I expect?

The volunteer manager of your team will be there in person and online to answer all your questions. Female players can be assisted in the dressing room until Peewee age. All coaches, managers and team safety personnel are trained by Hockey Canada and Respect In Sport and require Background Checks.

As a new player, what can I expect?

You will receive skill instruction during pre-season dates to assist with the integration to your team. A highly recommended pre-requisite to new hockey players is power skating.  Ideally, the power skating would be taken in July / August prior to season commencement.

The coach, manager, and your parents can assist with tying skates and equipment issues as they arise. Once you reach the Peewee age, male coaches and managers only enter the female dressing rooms once a female team volunteer has cleared the way and is able to accompany males during pre- and post-game talks.

What about volunteer support?

Vancouver Female is growing the minor program significantly and requires more volunteers to ensure the continuation of the development of female ice hockey in Vancouver. Parents are expected to contribute time in support of the association by taking on volunteer roles at the team and association levels.  All registered families are required to help out with at least one association-level event during the year.  More information can be found in our Volunteer Policy.