Vancouver Female Hockey Association
Metro Vancouver Minor Hockey Association of the Year!

All players receive a minimum of bi-weekly or every 3 week Development sessions at the Richmond Oval with Nate Leslie and their Coaching Staff

On top of this, Nate and his coaches run our Optional Skating sessions, which are available to all players throughout the season

Our Association also has a September Skating Program, where we book extra ice in September, and bring in outside Instructors to help kickstart our player's development at the beginning of the season

This let's our players get going faster, using the right techniques, and have fun doing it


All of these Player Development activities are included with your registration

  • On-Ice Development with Nate Leslie (LGS) at Richmond Oval
  • Goalie Development with Elite Goalies at Richmond Oval
  • Coaching Mentorship
  • Coaching Practice Plan Development Manuals
  • Coaches Social Nights
  • Extra September Skating Sessions
  • How to Play Hockey Website Access
  • Rep Player On-ice/Off-ice Skill Development with UBC Women's Team Coaches & Players


Goalie Development

Goalies have a great opportunity to focus on development, as they have access to 3 development sessions every week at the Richmond Oval through our partner Elite Goalies

Pasco Valana and his coaches work with our Goalies 3 times a week, quickly working on the fundamentals, as well as building up their skill levels


Coaching Development

Coaching is key to this system, and Nate Leslie acts as a Coaching Mentor to all Coaches in our Association

New & Experienced Coaches can expect support from our Association in the form of Practice Plans, Development Models, Mentorship, Coach Development Nights, How to Play Hockey Website Access, and a general level of support not found in many other Associations


Online Player Development

All players and parents have access to Nate Leslie's How to Play Hockey website, which explores in detail what you as a player or parent can do to improve your skills on the ice


Rep Development

Rep Players have access to our Development Program with the UBC Women's Team Coaching Staff and Players.  These are weekly on-ice & off-ice development programs where our players train just like the UBC Women's Team.

These programs focus on Core Strength, Speed & Quickness, and Agility, while showcasing the skills necessary to compete at the highest level.

This program is unique among Minor Hockey Associations in Metro Vancouver, and we're proud to partner with the UBC Women's Team.


Teams are also welcome to bring in outside instructors to help run their practices at any time, as this is a great use of any funds raised through the many fundraising opportunities offered by the Vancouver Female Association


For more information on how our Player Development programs are run, please visit the Richmond Oval High Performance site: 


Nate Leslie has this to say about the Vancouver Female Player Development Model:

It is with great pleasure that I can reflect on the great strides we have made in our hockey development initiatives within the Vancouver Female Hockey Association over the past few years.

Now into our 4th season of development together, I see the results of all the hard work and dedication every day.

Vancouer Female Hockey, Leslie Global Sports, the Richmond Oval High Performance Program, and Elite Goalies have forged a create community partnership allowing Vancouver Female to take big steps forward in this time.  I've seen development initiatives in many associations, and perhaps none are as holistic, inclusive, and well intentioned as that developed by the Vancouver Female Association.

Where we focus our attention:

  • Top down, inclusive, participatory coach mentorship
  • Coach education nights
  • Player on ice skill development
  • Goalie on ice development
  • Off ice holistic athletic development and fitness training
  • Off ice learning of the tactics and terminology of hockey for coaches, players, and even parents through an association membership at
The Vancouver Female Hockey Association is a flagship association for the well intentioned age appropriate initiatives, and supportive female hockey community that it has become.  I am proud to be associated with such a Class A organization.

Nate Leslie

Parents and Players can subscribe to Nate's newsletter and blog here: