New Jersey Offer for Vancouver Female Hockey Parents & Players!


Now that we’re rolling out our new Jerseys to players within the Association, we wanted to extend an offer to all Parents & Players to purchase their own new Vancouver Female Fan Jersey


Parents & Relatives – Show your support for the team by grabbing your own Jersey with your daughter/niece/cousin’s Name & Number on the back! 

Players – Grab a new Jersey to wear during the off-season, with your own Name & Number!


Price: $100 each (+ tax)

This will be a Group Purchase:

  • Payment must be accepted up front

  • We must have a minimum number of jerseys ordered to proceed

  • There is a deadline to submit your order

Deadline to submit order: End of Day Thursday November 30, 2017

No Refunds, unless the Jersey is defective

Players – This Jersey offer is not meant to replace your existing Team Jerseys.  These are not official Jerseys, and cannot be worn during Vancouver Female League Games.  You must wear your official VFIHA jersey given to you by our Association, and cannot substitute this new jersey

Name – Jerseys purchased through this offer must have a Name on the back.  You must submit the exact spelling of the name you choose.  We reserve the right to approve or deny any names based on community standards

Number – You can choose whatever number you like (within 1-99)

Colour – Choose between Maroon or White

Size – Choose from:

  • Youth Small

  • Youth Medium

  • Youth Large

  • Youth X-Large

  • Adult Small

  • Adult Medium

  • Adult Large

  • Adult X-Large

  • Adult 2X-Large

  • Adult 3X-Large


Sizing is measured around Upper Chest, underneath armpits:

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 09.53.44.png

Unfortunately, we don’t think these will arrive in time for Christmas, as they will take approx 4-6 weeks