Isabelle with her coaches at the Czech International Hockey Camp

Vancouver Female Peewee player Isabelle went to the Czech Republic earlier this month to attend the Czech International Hockey Camp! She was one of three female players at the camp, which was attended by athletes from across Europe as well as Canada and the United States.

We asked Isabelle a few questions to find out what her experience was like playing hockey in another country.

Why did you want to go to a hockey camp in the Czech Republic?

Because I wanted to go to a different country to see how I would be trained [there], and I wanted to meet new people.

What was each day at camp like?

We woke up at 6:00 or 7:30. I usually got up at 4:00 because I wasn’t used to the time yet. We got up and had breakfast and then would transfer to the ice arena. After the ice training we always had off-ice training. After lunch we would usually have a break for two and a half hours, then we would go back to the ice arena and have our second ice training of the day. After that we would go back to the sports centre and have a snack, then have yoga or training at the sports centre or on the soccer field. On Tuesday and Friday we went swimming and to the jacuzzi, and on Wednesday we went on our trip to Prague to do some sightseeing.

What is something that you learned while at the camp?

I learned about doing a wrist shot properly. There was [also] footwork drills where you had to jump over stuff. It was intense, my thighs are still sore!