To Sign Up as a Volunteer:


The Vancouver Female Hockey Association is hosting the BC Hockey Female Bantam Provincial Championships in Vancouver this March!

This is the first time we’ve ever hosted a Provincial Championship Tournament before, and we’re looking forward to inviting the best Female Bantam (13-14 yrs. old) players in BC to Vancouver between the dates of March 20-24, 2018.

An event like this requires many volunteers, so we are calling on our association members to sign up for specific tasks at specific times.


We have set up a volunteer sign up page, so it is simple to see where and when we need assistance.  We will be using Slottr, and the sign up page can be found utilizing this link:


For each game we will require these volunteer positions to be filled:


  • Two (2) Booth/Snack Persons: The main snack booth will be at Trout Lake Arena so if you volunteer for this position at another rink you will be responsible for picking up snacks at Trout Lake ahead of time and them bring them to the game rink.

  • One (1) Time Keeper:  Responsible for running the time clock for the game.

  • One (1) Scorekeeper: Responsible for recording game information on the official scoresheet.

  • One (1) Safety Person: Ideally you should be a certified Hockey Canada Safety Person (HCSP).  Your responsibility will be to call for help and guide first responders into the rink if required.

  • Two (2) Goal Judges: You will be posted behind the nets (one at each end) and will need to confirm the puck crossed the goal line if the referees request your input.

  • One 50/50 Person: We will be fundraising with a 50-50 raffle.  This person will be responsible for circulating throughout the game venue to sell tickets for the raffle.